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WARNING: This site prefixes psychic with “exo-” because it focuses on targets that are extremely unusual (targets from the “outside”, as it were). It is therefore highly recommended that the viewer have a good sense of how to conduct viewing of the targets safely prior to beginning, and Courtney Brown’s free full course in the link below is a good means of doing this. Any and all remote viewing conducted on this website is at your own risk.

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Below is a video with a brief summary of Courtney Brown’s remote viewing technique.

The first video is a review of the general course, and the second video link below is a link to the first video of his excellent remote viewing course summary.

In addition to this, I have posted a very brief and cursory outline of some of the first stages of remote viewing, although I strongly recommend going with the experts rather than relying solely on my brief outline.

I am not a professional and I see myself as someone whose purpose is to direct interested seekers to the professionals and to provide some interesting targets that I think will help interested seekers touch the tip of the iceberg on some of humanity’s deepest mysteries.

For those interested in enjoying Dr. Courtney Brown’s remote viewing course in its entirety,

This website is in its beginning stages and will soon have thousands of randomly distributed remote viewing targets. In the meantime, the ones available in the current quiz will be changed every few weeks.

NOTE: the brief introduction to the process of remote viewing detailed below does not include the use of ideograms, which are quite important to the process. A description of how ideograms ought to be used can be found in the video tutorials above.

The purpose of this website is to encourage seekers to use remote viewing to explore the depths of some of humanity’s deepest mysteries in an attempt to determine hidden (and oftentimes, forbidden) truths. Remote viewing is a psychic ability possessed by almost everyone to some degree, and one of the purposes of this website is to demonstrate to the open-minded but skeptical seeker that they possess this ability simply as a natural birthright of being human. 

On this page, I will provide simple instructions into a technique which was largely pioneered by U.S. military and intelligence organizations as a means of obtaining information through humanity’s natural psychic abilities. 
I will soon have a program uploaded that will allow the interested viewer to remote view a variety of randomly generated targets and then receive immediate feedback on the target after submission of a drawing of the impressions received.

Remote viewing is literally simpler than basic arithmetic. All that is necessary is to attain a state similar to that of Zen meditation, in which you have cleared your mind of all chatter and conscious rumination. After this, you read a number (for example, “384512”) once aloud to yourself, at which point your mind will be flooded, in its passive state, with mental information of the contents of the target. 

If you want to give someone else a target to test their abilities, simply type out your intended target (for example, “the Empire State Building”) next to a number of a few digits (I prefer six digits myself) next to the information, and then provide the viewer with **only** the number associated with it. 

Your private records should look something like “View the Empire State Building – 395862”, and then you provide the viewer with the number 395862. They will read aloud the number once to themselves and will then mentally receive information concerning the target. 

It is very important that the viewer not know anything about the target beforehand, since this will create biases that will distort information they receive concerning the target. After all, the true psychic is able to tell you what is behind the closed door without knowing anything about it beforehand, right?

Keep in mind that remote viewing is not 100% accurate, and you will sometimes get nonsensical results. The risk of this increases if the task is performed with a great deal of frequency. If you believe you may be suffering from this, give yourself a rest of a few days or maybe even a few weeks. This will allow these natural faculties to “reset” and refresh its capacity to perform this task.

It is important to not have any internal or external distractions. Do not expect a state of 100% quietness, of mind, of course. Perfection is unattainable! Ensure that you are not overly hungry, tired, surrounded with loud noise or flashing lights, and that you do not have to go to the bathroom. 

Importantly, you must remember that you are using only your intuition rather than your “rational” thought to pick up on the information. Do not try to rationally “explain” to yourself or guess at the information you are receiving. Instead, describe to yourself purely the contents of the target only in terms of the 5 senses until you reach Stage 4 (see below).

While military and intelligence organizations sought more sophisticated techniques than I will elaborate upon here, what I will describe here is more than adequate for obtaining valuable information concerning the intended targets.

1. “Gestalt” – At first, you will get a “general” sense of information concerning the target.

2. The 5 Senses – allow your mind to intuitively get a sense of information concerning the target in terms of the five senses. What does it look like? Describe its color and shape. What does it feel like? Describe its physical texture.

3. Dimensionals — Here, you describe things like the intuitive sense you get concerning its height, width, length and depth.

4. Qualitative mental percepts — this stage is more abstract, and it concerns the general sense of the purpose, nature or function of the target. Does the target have to do with the military? Is it religious? Is it political? Is educational?